Preston | GPM-B Spade End

Naam: GPM-B Spade End
Merk: Preston

  • A very popular, all-round wide gape pattern that’s useful for a wide range of fishing situations .They feature a fantastic PTFE coating which really improves the durability and sharpness, whilst the dullness decreases visibility to minimise fish spooking from shine!
  • The design allows you to fish with thicker line – ideal for bigger fish. Purposely designed for pole fishing, but they can also be used on the waggler and feeder if required. They're ideal for baits like pellets, meat, corn, maggots, worms, pretty much any bait that you would need to use on a commercial fishery.
  • Available in sizes; 12 right through to 20, covering an extensive range of fishing situations. So, whether you're targeting match sized carp, or small F1's these has you covered!


  • All round wide gape pattern
  • PTFE coating for durability and anti-glare
  • Great for pole, waggler and feeder fishing
  • Ideal for pellets, meat and corn
  • Medium wire gauge
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