Spottedfin | Natural Pop-Ups

Naam: Natural Pop-Ups
Merk: Spottedfin

€8,50 Incl. btw
  • Smokey Jack® - A complete fishmeal boilie range, made with Skipjack Tuna and a blend of individually sourced spices. Using innovative natural smoked flavours never before used in the Industry, Smokey Jack® is set to become one of the most desirable bait ranges for 2018 ...

    these pop-ups are made with Tuna extract Paste and trace amounts of the exotic spice package found in the bolie. Also added is a combination of carp attractors.
  • The Natural pop-ups are designed to mimic the boilie bait which washes out very quickly once submerged, sitting in its own active liquids and attractors. We found in testing that a pop-up coloured the same as the boilies stood out within half and hour of the baits being in the water and once we moved to this more natural washed out popup, which by the way includes some of the same base mix ingredients, attractors and liquids, same as the boilie, we had a much better response from larger and normally more wary Carp.
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