Guru QM1 Haken

Commercial carp waters have changed the face of match and pleasure fishing over the last decade. Techniques have changed, becoming more technologically advanced and refined. Launching a range of hooks that reflects this change needed some serious research and development time and more than a pinch of inspiration. Rather than simply produce a range of hooks that look like everyone else’s the Guru team decided to start from scratch. This bold move allowed product development manager Alex Bones and Steve Ringer to take a hard look at exactly what today’s angler actually needed.

Neither of them could have foreseen just how radical their designs would turn out to be, nor just how widely they’ve been used. Initially, the team decided to limit the range to just two finely tuned patterns, the QM1 and MWG. It was felt that these two patterns would cover most bases for the angler targeting the commercial match water. When you buy a pack of either of these hook patterns you’re buying a product that’s been exhaustively tested by some of the finest anglers in the UK. The team didn’t rest until they were sure that the new hooks were better than any available elsewhere. That meant tweaking the patterns until they offered the best blend of finesse and secure hooking. The resulting hooks aren’t just the perfect patterns for the method feeder and bagging waggler, they’re simply outstanding hooks, full stop.

In fact, rather than being limited to use on commercial match venues, the Guru hooks are suited to many other disciplines. They’ve been extremely well received in specimen circles and many high-profile specialists now use the two patterns in the larger sizes for barbel, chub, perch, bream and tench fishing. They’re even perfect for long trotting for grayling! Never ones to rest on their laurels, the Guru team is currently working on additions to the range so keep checking this site for updates.

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